Dommy Mommy Inside Jessica Fappit - FULL

Jessica has been spending way too much time with that new boy and Dommy Mommy really misses her. She agrees that their relationship is an important one but she is uncertain about what exactly Dommy Mommy has in mind to bring them back closer together. Dommy Mommy reminds her that they have always been comfortable with their nude bodies in front of each other. A few gentle caresses and Jessica’s defenses start to melt away. When Dommy Mommy says, “I want to know what it feels like when he touches you” sends Jessica right over the edge. Intimate kisses lead to Dommy Mommy helping Jessica to take her shirt off. As the tension builds Dommy Mommy asks Jessica if nursing on her MILF tits will help comfort her. Jessica concedes that it indeed will and they cross a line that they will not be able to return from. Next, Dommy Mommy reminds Jessica that she used to enjoy spankings and that she might still. Heat rises quickly as Jessica’s jean shorts are pulled off and Dommy Mommy starts spanking her ass red. Dommy Mommy and Jessica have slipped all the way down the proverbial slippery slope. Dommy Mommy has now donned her big cock strap on and it is on. Jessica goes from nibbling, licking and suckling Dommy Mommy’s cock to full on throat gagging in minutes. This alone will not satisfy Dommy Mommy’s ravenous hunger and desires for her. Slathering on copious amounts of Spunk lube on her cock Dommy Dommy finds her way and goes deep inside Jessica Fappit's ass. Pounding Jessica just will not be enough so she resumes spanking Jessica fiercely as she slams into her. The afterglow of these two as Jessica suckles Dommy Mommy’s breasts and they embrace is very heartwarming.