Cuckold Shaming

Queen Arena Rome is at her wit's end with her cuckold hubby.  These cucks frequently think everything is all about them and their little rituals and machinations often forgetting that the reason they are locked up in chastity is because how pathetic they are.  On this day, Arena's cuck comes barging into her free time and space interrupting her about if she thinks his cage is causing irritation to his man clit.  She berates him for his delusional self-centeredness and releases him from chastity forever telling him she will no longer play his silly games.  She marches off announcing that she is going layout with her banging hot friend Terra.  When Arena returns from laying out she catches him beating off to a video of Terra that he snuck when pretending to offer the two ladies refreshments at the pool.  It becomes apparent to Queen Arena Rome that her cuck is beating his little cock with a little too much confidence as if to imply that he has some sort of chance at Terra.  Arena has cuck hubby try to work his cock to full hardness while texting pics and vids to Terra for her feedback.  After reviewing the contents of Arena's texts, Terra sends back a little clip of her own.  This cuck is in for a very humiliating awakening when he views the content.