Red Paddled Ass

Let's be honest, this slave was going to get it's ass lit up with a paddle for Queen Arena Rome's amusement regardless of it's obedience or lack thereof.  This is slave #c0673's last day out of it's cage for another year and it could have been spent serving Queen's friends coffee, tea and refreshments CFNM style but due to a wardrobe malfunction it lost hit's chance.  There is a mouth plug to it's mask that was supposed to be secured that kept falling out and dangling in front of the guests.  This type of incompetence is never going to be tolerated by Queen Arena Rome.

The calm before the storm is seen in the patience she exhibits towards slave #c0673 as she leads it up the stairs.  It thinks it's going straight to it's cage but there is one horror that must be endured before it can retire there in solitary confinement for the next year.  She releases it from the leash and takes it over her knee straight way.  She rubs on it and pets it and provides it with a false sense of security.  The Queen's voice is soothing and hypnotic and right at the moment that her slave's body goes limp she strikes like cobra and wallops the daylights out of him with her bright red wooden paddle.  This red wooden paddle is legend in the Queen's dungeon.  So many men have come to face the challenge of the red wooden paddle only to be broken and sent on there way similar to one who is neutralized from a lobotomy if they are lucky.  It is rumored that many are never heard from again.