Patriotic Domme

You already know from my Twitter bio that I'm known as the Patriotic Domme. In this clip I take my big fat juicy cock off and perform a striptease for my actives, vets and others whose sacrifice I owe that gratitude for my freedom. I also make it clear to those who don't love our country that you may watch this clip but you are not allowed to touch your little cowardly wee wee or cum in any other creative way other than just oozing out. As far as the aforementioned real men, enjoy as I dance to the 1812 Overture, Officer of the Day March, When Johnny Comes Marching in and last but not least Yankee Doodle. Every ounce of my sweat and sweet wetness is for our soldiers as well as my rock hard strap-on cock, tattoos, peek-a-boo asswink and great big giant tits with pierced nipples. All of that in high heels, V-string bikini and bare feet are on display for you in this clip....and remember little beta boys this is NOT for you, no touching.

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