Traveling Sissy JOI

This is a custom clip made for a very special long term sub of mine.  But for now my attention is drawn to YOU, You are a traveling business "man" away from the confines of your day to day obstacles of being your "true" self.  Your little pink frilly sissy self.  It's time for the Queen to talk you through wearing your panties and turning me on while rubbing your wittle man clit.   If you follow my instructions to the pink little t you will be allowed to squirt, and if you squirt really well and make Queen Arena proud, she just might let you suck all of your sticky white squirt off of your frilly little sissy slut panties.  Successful long distance D/s relationships such as these are quite possible with two loyal committed parties.  Avenues of intimacy abound for my subs, such as : phone calls, texting, social media, private messaging, selfies, video, audio files and more.  There are often opportunities to serve me at conventions and other public appearances in person or remotely by being responsible for financing my travel.  If you think you qualify to serve me and you are ready to resign from the world as you know it, tribute your Queen and beg to be considered and you might experience all of this first hand.

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