Cuck Foot Fuck

Queen Arena Rome is very pleased with your level obedience lately. You have been very well behaved by keeping your eyes down at the pool and not ogling her or the other ladies.  You have not been bitching nor whining about how long you have been in chastity either.  While taking selfies and sexting ass and foot pics to her lovers she noticed that you were kneeling before her in reverence but yet still not invading her privacy.  She decides to reward you and let you out of chastity.  You are oozing pre-cum as you notice that she is holding your cock cage key on a chain around her ankle.  This is something that hardly any of her subs ever get to do and that's to fuck her big royal feet, toes and arches.  The Queen's feet are legendary and now your little cock gets to hump away to its little balls delight.  However, there is one big problem, or little problem rather.  Your little man clit is way too small and just won't get hard.  She gives you several minutes to get it right and tight but alas she orders you to go get your real cock.  The great big fat white cock sheath extender.  She laughs at you while you put it on and mocks you and even records it to show her friends and lovers, but no matter you are still excited about the prospects of being this close to the Queen.  You pump and hump and huff and puff while she cruelly laughs at your predicament.  You are not so quietly contented as you shoot your cuck juice inside your fake white cock, because after all this is a victory for your kind, it's a once in a lifetime cuck foot fuck. 

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